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Manage customers

All of your customer information professionally at your fingertips.


Effortless communications

Create automated reminders, to go out at your specified time, and help make ‘no shows’ a thing of the past.


Automated reminders

Reduce ‘no shows’ with automated reminders and enjoy never having to worry about sending reminders again!

Manage treatments

Add and remove treatments, products, services as required.


Totally flexible

Add services and colours to simple drop-down menus, making it quick and easy to create new appointments in Savvy Glam.


Add detailed information

All the important information, detailed notes, and pictures all stored in one place.

Manage appointments

Savvy Nail Spa will be effortlessly communicating for you before and after your appointments.


Appointments calendar

Colour code your calendar appointments to your personal preferences, and just click in the calendar to make an appointment or to see all the information about that customer.


History and no shows

View customer history and previous no shows.

Easy billing and contracts

Say goodbye to filing forever!


Get a signature

Contacts and disclaimers are automatically generated and can be signed by the customer in the Savvy Glam system.


Get your bills paid

Use Savvy Glam to send customers invoices for your appointment sales.

Customer portal

A dedicated place for your customers to access and pay invoices, and sign disclaimers.


Branded to you

Add your own logos and themes to allow your brand to shine through.


Customisable workflows

Allow appointments to move through stages as customers book, arrive, complete, with customisable messaging throughout.

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